Hi, my name is Tarek Salazar. I am the founder and proprietor of Amgot.org, and I love communication. This is the reason why I founded this site. I wanted a platform where I could share my passion with the world. 

My interests in chat lines and language exchange services go all the way back to World War 2. France was in ruins and people – both soldiers and civilians – were looking for effective means of communication so that they can talk to loved ones both near and far.

Back then, we used military Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems to establish long distance calls, and they served many of the troops stationed in France at the times, mostly British and American troops. I used some of the IVR systems myself

After the war was over, and things started to slow down, demand for the IVRs declined as well. People like me still used them, but the market was no longer growing. You see, IVR technology was still complex and expensive back then, and no one wanted to start a business that relied on them. 

This situation persisted all the way to the 1980’s when the cost and complexity of IVR (and later chat line technology) began to go down, and new platforms began to develop. By 1990, call centers began to incorporate IVR systems with computer telephony integration (CTI), and this was the time when things began to pick up. 

Thanks to the combination of CTI and IVR systems, new and more sophisticated phone services began to develop. IVR systems were no longer just platforms for communications. They could now be modified to keep their user’s information private as well as provide improved user experience. 

Also, the internet began to become popular, and I remember being scared that it would ruin the France’s recently established chat lines. Thankfully, it didn’t but it did force them to adapt; to change and cater to new markets, and Paris’ chat line industry continued to grow all the way to early 2000’s. 

By the mid-2000’s I began to develop the idea of Amgot.org. I had watched chat line industry grow over the last few decades, but very few people were actually aware that the IVR technology that made these systems possible had been around since World War 2. So I decided to start a blog to catalogue everything I knew up to that point. 

That’s how Amgot.org started. 

The blog remained a small side project of mine for several years, and I was satisfied with my work despite my limited audience. Later, I decided to start exploring the various chat lines and language exchange services here in France and Paris, and the new content proved popular. More and more people began to visit Amgot.org.  

And then two months ago, Shawn Menendez and a few celebrities began using some of France’s language exchange services for sexual and romantic calls. Word got around, and now more people are interested in chat lines. They came to my blog for information, and I gave them the info they required.  

Even I use chat lines at least once a week for fun, and I meet a lot of new and interesting people on these platforms. It’s been a long road, but that’s basically how Amgot.org came to be, and we hope that you will join us soon