Einhorn documents in RealVideo

Best sound is obtained by maximum emphasis of the 2 kHz audio range,
magnification of two gives good viewing

Einhorn's message to the Maddux family: "Let'em eat tomatos"   (referring to a tomato-throwing contest in Philadelphia sponsored by a marginal disk-jockey).
Escape risk?, Einhorn refuses to promise to respect an extradition order.

Einhorn bashes the USA (Vrai Journal)
M. le maire de Champagne-Mouton, parle pour ses administrés (Vrai Journal).
Le Vrai Journal 10 janvier 1999 (800k)

Einhorn interviewed on KillRadio, June 24. 2001, Radio Mysterioso - host Greg Bishop
(120 minutes, 12 Mbytes)
In these two hours, he has all the opportunity to get out whatever message he claims has been suppressed

Video bites from other telecasts will be included later

  Einhorn at the Paris headquarters of the French Ligue des Droits de l'Homme, September 19th 2000.
At left, deputy Bruno Le Roux, at right, Michel Tubiana, president of the Ligue.

From left to right: Michel Tubiana, Annika Flodin Einhorn, Ira Einhorn, Dominique Tricaud (Einhorn's attorney)

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