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The French press has too often presented Einhorn as a hero of the people, chased with frenzy by the CIA and FBI, evidently for raisons d'Etat.  The convincing proofs of his guilt are ignored.

Our first goal is to counter these myths.

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Questions and responses:

What are the proofs that Ira Einhorn committed this murder ?

Does Einhorn risk the death penalty?

Is there a question of the Rights of Man?

Is Einhorn pursued zealously by US authorities?

Was Einhorn a leader of the hippie and anti-war movements?

Was he the "inventor of Earth Day"?

Could he have been framed because of his anti-war activities?

Was Einhorn a professor at Harvard?

Is he a published author?

Is he a "gentle pacifist"

Short notes (prompted by errors in the French press)

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For an exhaustively researched account of this case, read The Unicorn's Secret, by Steven Levy, first published in 1988, now in reprint.

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