Le Vrai Journal (Canal Plus France), Jan 10,1999

on the extradition of Ira Einhorn for the murder of Holly Maddux

translation from French to English by Roger Wiesenbach

Karl Zero: Why doesn't France extradite this guru of the 1960s suspected of murder?

Scene: in the studio
KZ: On one side is the enormous US Dept. of Justice, on the other a small village of the Charente, Champagne-Mouton. Object of the conflict: Ira Einhorn, a guru of the 1960s in the USA which claims his extradition because he is accused of murder.
Richard Lerchbaum and Olivier Nahum have gone to this small village in the Charente just before Bill Clinton, if things go bad for him in the Senate, bombs it.

Scene: Views of Philadelphia
Philadelphia, 1977. America is shocked: the gentle guru Ira Einhorn, initiator of New Age, is accused of the murder of his girlfriend. Her decomposed body is found in a valise in the domicile of the hippie. Einhorn denies being the killer, but he is liberated on bail and flees the USA. During 20 years he is tracked across all of Europe. The American authorites unleash a large operation: on television, in the press, on the Internet the manhunt is launched. The friend of a rock-star becomes "maléfique". In spite of support from the jet-set, Einhorn is transformed into the Public Enemy No. One of conservative America.

In 1997, 20 years later, surprise. The police find him in France. He lives under a false name in a Charente village. The USA requests extradition, but French justice releases him on 'liberté provisoire'.

Scene: Champagne-Mouton, the mayor
Jack Jouaron: Me, I believe in the innocence of this man who ... doesn't have the head of a killer. Well, ... what can be said ... certainly ... a personal impression. We'd love to keep him, we'd like that all this difficulty ... he lives here in peace. I hope that it is possible, that even so that he's (cough) hunted like ... he has been until now.

Scene: Einhorn and Annika walking into restaurant
Narrator: Before his possible extradition, Einhorn is free to circulate. In accepting to talk with us, he wants to claim that he is the target of a conspiracy.
Einhorn: "Pour moi, I've been treated terribly" ...
Translator: I've been mistreated. The whole system was turned against me.
Einhorn: C'est fou, c'est un ... fury ... uh ... necessaire for les Etats-Unis ...
Translator: It's an anger of which the Americans have need. They're unsatisfied with their lives, so they take it out on me, on the Sudanese, on the Iraquis
Einhorn: They'll take it out on France ...
Translator: They'll go after the French if they can ...
Einhorn: because par la plupart ...
Translator: It's sad because most of the people in the USA are manipulated by the media. The rights of man exist here, they were created here. I think it is an living idea here.

Scene: Extract of "America's Most Wanted"
The "reality show" the most watched in the USA raises the suspense
AMW: "The fate of the convicted killer is about to be decided ...

Scene: cabinet of Maître Tricaud (Einhorn's Paris lawyer)
Narrator: For the moment, Einhorn's lawyers have succeeded in preventing the rights of man from being trashed and the conflict becoming a political affair.
Tricaud: All those who are friends of the USA are a little crushed by the fanatical, fundamentalist drift which touches American justice. I rather think the fact that a country like France resists explains that there are rules that are more important than the gravity of the acts which might have been committed by the accused. I think that what is happening in France is very important.

Scene: cabinet of Maître Kevorkian (Paris lawyer for the Maddux family)
Narr: the lawyer for the family of the victim accuses France of offering asylum to a criminal.
Kev: If Mr. Einhorn is assured of the protection of France for the rest of his life, he can provide a farm for those who have escaped the justice of various countries and give tips on how to stay in France.

Scene: Web page of Rep. Borski
Narr: In Washington the affair has gone beyond the confines of justice. Congressmen involve themselves by insisting that France execute the extradition.
Borski: I think there is a pretty universal feeling here ...
Translator: There exists a veritable concensus that Einhorn must be extradited. For the good operation of justice he must be brought back and placed before a jury of citizens. Allow me to say that I strongly hope that Einhorn will be sent to the USA.

Scene: Einhorn at C-M, then marine retracting flag at US Embassy
In the little village of C-M, they don't know about all the tension between the US and France. Threats have appeared on the Internet, that if Einhorn is not extradited next Tuesday Pennsylvania might boycott French cognac.

Scene: Studio, Karl Zero with segment producers: Richard Lerchbaum and Olivier Nahum
KZ: It's curious that you brought up this subject because I haven't heard about it.
Nahum: In France it's a small article of five lines but in the USA it's a very big matter. This was actually just an everyday affair, an "affaire passionnelle" which was transformed into an "affaire d'Etat". Maybe one day Bill Clinton will call Jacques Chirac to talk about Ira Einhorn.
KZ: Because American opinion really insists on his extradition.
Nahum: American opinion is very upset and can well turn against France.
Lerchbaum: The extradition is normally Tuesday - what is funny, interesting is that this Einhorn guy who was a guru in the 1960s has found a new community in this village. Because the aging mayor finds the guru a little funky, a little sexy - anyway the ex-guru has found a new community.
KZ: Thank you

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